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Topic: Science

Cheating on the Evidence

by Darrel Cline

One morning I was reading an article written about an orthodontist who spent ten years studying the skulls of so-called Neanderthal men. In the process of his study, he discovered that those who had made the claim that Neanderthal Man was a link between ape and man had actually dislocated the lower jaw in order to move it forward enough to look like the jutting jaw of an ape.

Now, why would a "scientist" do such a thing as that? It was obvious to the orthodontist that when the jaw was aligned like it should have been it was not unusual for a typical human skull. We have made the claim (139) that so-called scientists often have an agenda that goes far beyond science. In this case, it was the obsession with finding a link between ape and man that motivated such a dishonest manipulation of the facts.

But, why would anyone want to find such a link? Perhaps because the theory of evolution desperately needs links that it has never been able to provide in the archaeological evidence. The person who finds the links will be highly regarded and probably make hay financially and in terms of status among his peers.

But why do people so desperately want to prove that evolution is true? A very famous, now dead (and finally corrected), scientist once said that he thanked evolution for delivering him from faith in God. Why would anyone want to be relieved from faith in God? The Bible makes the claim that only a fool says in his heart that there is no God. Why would an educated person want to be a fool?

In a brief phrase: escape from responsibility. The Bible says that all men will one day face the judgment of God. Obviously, if there is no God, there will be no judgment. What a happy thought! By this reasoning, there is nothing beyond this life, and there is no reason to be morally responsible in this life. Evolution was designed to allow men to be their own gods so that they could live as they please without having to face the consequences of their decisions.

Life without moral foundations is hell. Rapists have no reason to restrain their lusts if there is no judgment to come. Murderers have no reason to restrain themselves from their lust for abusing and brutalizing others if this life is all there is. In fact, if this life is all there is, there is no reason to want to live. I didn't miss not being before I was; and if I am not going to be when I die, I won't miss not being then either. So, there is no point to life in this present world where I have to put up with immoral people who get their jollies from abusing others. Life without a future is no life. And there is no future if evolutionary scientists are correct.

But, if they are correct, why is it that they have to fudge and cheat on the evidence? Truth doesn't have to cheat. Only liars have to cheat. If they cheated on Neanderthal Man, what else have they lied to us about?

Maybe, after all, there really is a God and we really will have to face the Truth one day. Are you prepared to do that?

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