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Topic: Science

The Bible and True Science

by Darrel Cline

In another article (138) I raised the issue of the age of the earth. I did it because there is a tremendous struggle over the minds and hearts of men in this world. So-called science says the earth is somewhere around 15 billion years old. The Bible does not allow for a universe much over 6-10 thousand years old. Those who believe in science instead of the Bible will face the God of the Bible in judgment. Those who believe in the Bible instead of science will face the contempt of their contemporaries on this earth.

But, and we want to be very clear here, the issue for a Bible believer is not really the Bible or science. The issue is the Bible versus so-called scientists. The Bible is not contradictory to real science, but it is very contradictory to educated men of so-called science who have a very non-scientific agenda for men on this earth.

What do I mean?

This: science, by its very definition, is the study of the phenomenal world by a limited process of experimentation and theorizing. Real science has nothing to say in any realm that cannot be observed and tested with repeatable experiments. This means that real science cannot address the issue of the age of this universe because creation was not observed by any of our so-called scientists, nor is it subject to the requirement of repeatable experimentation.

The reason that the Bible is ridiculed by so-called science is its moral imperatives. Scientists who do not have any problem with the biblical message, which calls for repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, also do not have any problem with its claims in the area of creation and earth-age issues. There are thousands of highly educated scientists who see no conflict between their discipline and the biblical message.

But, those so-called scientists who have a deep rebellion against biblical morality also have serious reservations against its cosmological teachings. The reason is, however, not their science, but their moral rebelliousness. True scientific facts do not contradict the Bible, nor does a proper interpretation of the Bible contradict true science. Only men who have a deep sense of offense at the biblical message have any problem with the real harmony that exists between true science and the Bible.

There are actually three kinds of scientists in the world: those who have found relational peace with their Creator and their scientific endeavors; those who have no peace with God and who use their scientific credentials to wage war on the Bible; and those who want to have peace with God and peace with those at war with the God of the Bible. Of the three, those who use their educational credentials to attack religion are the most suspect because they have no credentials in religion. In other words, they are ignorant of the biblical facts, but think their education has qualified them to speak to those facts. It's like a mechanic trying to tell the doctor how to operate; or the doctor trying to tell the mechanic his business.

Whom do you believe? Why?

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