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Topic: Galatians Chapter Six: Message Outlines

Galatians 6:1-5 (3)

by Darrel Cline

Chapter # 6 Paragraph # 1 Study # 3
September 8, 2013
Dayton, Texas
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Thesis:The "nothingness" of men is completely wrapped up in humanity's "creatureliness".

Introduction:Beginning in Galatians 6:1 Paul addresses our relationship responsibilities toward each other in the specific direction of "bearing one another's burdens". These "burdens" are seen as loads that successful temptation have imposed upon some of the "brethren". In 6:2 Paul inserts what he calls "the law of the Christ" into the mix as the ultimate guide for action. This "law" is not significantly different from all "law" as a call to "love", but it has a specific illustrative content: Christ's activities in bearing our burdens. His gracious sacrifice of Himself without regard for the "merit" of those carrying the burdens becomes, therefore, the "definition" of "the Law of the Christ".

This evening we are going to look into a corollary "law" of reality: Paul's declaration that anyone who thinks he/she is "something, being nothing" is leading his/her mind down an illegitimate path.

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