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Topic: Signs of the Times

Beyond God's Grace

by Darrel Cline

On a brochure I received in the mail one day there was a quote of Peter Marshall on which I would like to comment. The quote is: "...every society in its process of decay reaches a point of no return where it becomes too sick to heal, and I believe we are at that point." There is no question about the fact that the Word of God teaches such a thing as a point of no return, both for individuals as well as nations. There may be some question about whether we have reached it, but the probability is strong.

What are the indications of the strength of the probability that we have put ourselves beyond the grace of God as a nation?

Some would say that we are never beyond the grace of God; that as long as there is life, there is hope. But that is a soothing lie, well documented in the Bible, to get people to put off, yet again, God's summons to repentance. Scripture, history, and the present experience of many give ample evidence that God does get tired of man's willfulness in his arrogant pursuit of everything but an honest relationship with his God. And when God gets tired enough, there will be no more grace. So, let me ask again: what are the indications that we are beyond God's grace?

The most important indication is the modern prayer and fasting movement that is rapidly sweeping certain segments of our religious organizations. Normally a focus on prayer and fasting would be a hopeful sign. But in this modern movement it is more likely that it is a hopeless sign because it is being promoted by some who have significantly compromised the gospel of Jesus Christ. When man, in his blind self-promotion, stoops to use prayer and fasting in order to promote his agenda, is there any hope?

Other indications are the political realities. In an editorial in the newspaper one columnist observed that without fail the first words out of the White House regarding any accusation brought against it are later found to be either outright lies or half-truths that are designed to deceive. When we compare that fact to a recent edition of US News and World Report in which it was reported that a clear majority of the citizens of this country do not think the lack of character of a national leader necessarily affects his leadership ability, we are seeing a nation that may well have crossed the point of no return. Why should God have mercy on a nation whose voters care nothing for the character issues of life?

Still other indications are the proliferations of overt wickedness. Abortion is murder, but it is legal. Perverted sex is perverted, but it is exalted. Domestic violence is evidence of God's abandonment of us to our selfish rage. Even the heart of biblical religion has become soft on the core issues of the Gospel--another wickedness that God has not stopped from happening. Do we need further evidence of God's withdrawal of grace? What should we do? What can we do if God is fed up? Is it too late to fall on our faces and cry for mercy? It may be.

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