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Topic: The Love of God

Love, Power, and Evil

by Darrel Cline

One of the more subtle deceptions that has been foisted upon the human race is the argument that God is either not loving or not powerful because the presence of evil makes one or the other true. This is obviously a powerful deception because it has locked up the gears in the minds of philosophers from time immemorial. Could it be that philosophers are just too engrossed in the details that they cannot see the larger picture? The average man on the street, on the other hand, doesn't deny the presence of God in the universe, nor His love, nor the powerful presence of evil. Sometimes common sense is better than education.

However, God said that we were to love Him with all of our heart (where the values-core exists), soul (where the emotional core is), mind (where the logic-core is), and strength (where the activity-core is). That means that God is not opposed to education. In fact He is opposed to those who are opposed to education. But, education that ends up denying His character and plan is foolishness, backed by a PhD.

The Bible puts a premium on true wisdom. But it also says that the wisdom of man is foolishness to God and the wisdom of God is foolishness to man. The reason is that God approaches the universe from a diametrically opposite perspective from man's. Man's entire mode of thinking is self-centered. He hates taxes because someone else is going to get his money. He hates politicians because someone else is going to get to rule his life. He hates religious fanatics because they make him feel guilty about God and his lack of relationship to Him. And he hates pain because he doesn't want to endure any loss. He looks at life through the spectacles of how everything affects him.

God, on the other hand, never has a selfish thought. Everything He does, thinks, feels, and loves, is focused upon someone else. That's why He isn't bothered overmuch about having to suffer the foolish evil of His creatures. His first thought is how He can encourage someone who is despondent; how He can deliver someone who is in trouble; how He can provide for someone who is truly needy; and how He can get people to believe what He says is true.

That's not to say, however, that His creatures' evil doesn't generate any reaction from Him. He has set a day of judgment in which He will correct every wrong and recompense every selfish act. In His love He has guaranteed two things: first, that no one will get away with impenitent evil (which is anything less than whole-hearted love for God and service to Him); and second, that no one will not be forgiven who really wants to be.

God is not the author of evil. Angels and men dreamed up that tragedy. God is, however, the author of love--and He gives it freely to everyone who comes to the river of the water of life with a genuine longing to be free from the guilt of his sin.

Where are you today? If I could find you, would I find you drinking from that pure river of the water of life? Or would I find you running from the light to try to hide the darkness which is your life? The pain in your life just might be the love of God looking for you.

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