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Topic: Holding to Things Not True


by Darrel Cline

We have been dealing with the question, Why do people persist in believing things that are not true? We have looked briefly into three of the reasons so far: 1) (108) people do not take the time, or expend the effort necessary, to check out whether the data will support their beliefs; 2) (109) there is a determined effort afoot to deliberately deceive people; and 3) (110) people believe what they want to believe because it gives them more freedom to be comfortable.

In this article I would like to suggest a fourth reason. People persist in believing things that are not true because their education has all been basically one-sided. In other words, we have been brainwashed.

Take, for example, the fact that several centuries ago the science of the day was dominated by the flat-earth theorists. This theory of the flat earth was the substance of the educational system, and it was backed up by the theology of an ignorant Church. But, it was clearly wrong, as future discovery revealed. However, before the facts became overwhelming and decisive, those who first theorized a round earth were actually persecuted by the ignorant flat-earthers. As long as people were willing to persecute, rather than investigate, and as long as the data was not all in, the prevailing science of the day dominated the education of the day. With this almost exclusively one-sided education, it is no wonder that millions of people lived and died thinking the earth was flat. Fortunately for them, that particular error wasn't critical to their eternal destiny.

But today we have the same thing going on again. Science is dominated by anti-God theorists who refuse to allow the facts to come to light within the educational system. They pound evolution into the heads of every child who comes through the system, aggressively oppose any suggestion of creation by an omniscient God--and then send them down to the psychologists for self-esteem counseling. Is it any wonder that the youth of our day have significant problems with believing they have any value when all day, every day, they are told in every way that all they are is the latest stage in a meaningless development of primordial slime? Besides being poor science, poor educational theory, and poor moral theory, it is actually self-defeating foolishness.

But, it does reveal why people persist in believing in things that are not true: they are only taught one side of the data (the side that supports the theories of those who call the shots) so that they have no basis for believing what is true. They can only believe as they have been taught.

This goes on in the name of science every day, but it is also going on in the name of religion every day. Instead of the churches teaching the Bible, calling upon their members to commit to a diligent study of the Bible in their own homes, and insisting that the Bible be allowed to be as legitimate a source of information as any other writings, they teach and preach their own brand of theology and brainwash their people with a one-sided educational approach that keeps multitudes in the dark. But this darkness only leads to a final darkness. Is that what you want?

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