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Topic: Holding to Things Not True

Consensus Subterfuge

by Darrel Cline

We asked the question in another article: (108) Why do people persist in believing things that are not true? We answered with two answers: one a very general acknowledgement that there is a multitude of reasons why people believe error; and then a very specific consideration of one of that multitude--people do not bother to check out what they believe to see if it has any foundation in reality. We want to pursue this issue again this time.

I just received a phone call from a person who has a friend who has been challenged with the claim that evolution has shown that the Bible is not true. Why do people believe this? There is not one shred of scientific evidence that evolution is true; yet more people believe in it than believe in the Bible.


In two words: consensus subterfuge. Consensus simply means that many people have agreed together to do something. Subterfuge means an elaborate deception. The two words together mean that there is a large, and determined, effort to keep the facts that make evolution a huge joke (if it were not so serious in its consequences) from ever being revealed to the public at large.

The main strategy in this consensus subterfuge is what many of the politicians and religious leaders have discovered: if you repeat an untruth often enough, for a long enough period of time, with enough educated voices drawn in to give credibility, people will eventually come to believe it is true. Why? Because people do two things simultaneously: 1) they refuse to dig into the data to see if the claim has any support; and 2) they believe the nonsense that truth is whatever the most vocal, and most determined, say it is. How could so many be so wrong?

Take evolution for example. The Second Law of Thermodynamics is a scientifically verifiable example of true science. It says the universe is running down and will, apart from divine intervention, eventually become a dead thing where all energy has been drawn down to a total neutrality. This Law makes evolution impossible.

Secondly, take the salinity of the oceans. Science knows how salinity increases because of rain, leeching, and rivers taking the deposits of salt to the ocean. The Dead Sea is the classic example. Rivers run into it, but none leave it. Thus, the salinity increases every year at measurable rates. The present density of salinity in the world's oceans proves evolution is nonsense. If the world has been in habitable existence for the millions of years the evolutionists point to, the oceans would be so salty that anyone (not just Jesus and Peter) could walk on their waters. OK, that's admittedly an example of hyperbole, but you get my point.

The rate of the decay of the earth's electromagnetic field is another example. If we went back into time just 10,000 years, with the scientifically demonstrated rates of decay that are presently observable science, the surface of the earth would be so hot that there wouldn't be anything but molten slush covering the face of the ground. So, fossils cannot be 10,000 years old. Science says so, but evolutionists reject it. What about you?

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