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Topic: Luke's Perspective of Jesus: Ch. 1 Message Outlines

Luke 1:56-80 (16)

by Darrel Cline

Chapter # 1 Paragraph # 5 Study # 16
October 31, 2004
Lincolnton, N.C.


Thesis:God's method of getting people ready for the Highway of Peace is to sensitize them to His Word.

Introduction:As we have considered the words of Zacharias in Luke 1:68-75, we have seen that the larger focus is upon that aspect of salvation that has to do with deliverance unto a life of service before the Lord in holiness and righteousness. In our last study we raised this question: Why, since that is God's reason for saving us, is it that few of us (if any) actually spend our days serving Him in holiness and righteousness? We argued that the answer lies in the reality of the need for a rather long-term process of getting us ready for His service. Much more could be said about that, but, this morning, we are going to go further into Zacharias' words as he turns his attention to his newborn son. We shall see that those words continue to address the issue of the "process of preparation".

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