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Topic: The Feast of Trumpets

The Rapture: Restraint Removed

by Darrel Cline

Statistics reveal that most people do not believe in the Rapture of the Church. There is one set of statistics that tell us most people do not believe what the Bible has to say. This group likes to sit in judgment on things that they have no knowledge of simply because the message of the Bible calls upon them to repent and live unselfishly. Selfish people don't like being told they are selfish. Then there is the other set of statistics that tell us that of those who claim to believe the Bible, most live the same kind of immoral lifestyle as those who don't claim to believe the Bible. What do we say to this? That Christianity is ineffectual? That Christ died for nothing?

Well, that is certainly one option that many folks take. They blame the message instead of the people who claim they believe it but do not practice it. But there is another option: put the blame where it belongs. In the book of 1 John, the apostle wrote that anyone who genuinely believes in the message of the Rapture will take pains to make sure that he is living in a God-pleasing way (1 John 3:1-6). Since this is a part of the message of the Bible, anyone who claims to be a Bible-believer, but continues to live in a self-satisfying, self-focused way is simply lying. The Bible isn't at fault. The person who refuses to face himself is.

The reason that I bring this up is that one of the significant results of believing in the Rapture is that it makes a better person out of the believer. In these days when the chaos of the culture is beginning to collapse in on itself, there is a great need for individuals who believe God to live in a way that contradicts the culture. The culture says evil is good (sex and violence are simply alternative lifestyles, not evil ones), and good is evil (those right wing fundamentalists are try to cram the love of God down our throats). What is wrong with trying to persuade people to do good and abandon evil?

The Rapture is a blessed event, but it is also an event of judgment. According to the Scriptures, the Rapture will deliver the believer from this chaotic culture of death into the fantastic kingdom of life. But, according to those same Scriptures, the Rapture will remove all the individuals who presently keep the expression of great evil somewhat at bay. What will happen when the people who oppose evil are taken out? Evil will explode. If you think the culture is presently filled with evil, you ain't seen nothing yet! If you think people are getting more and more violent and self-centered now, what will it be like when the Church of Jesus Christ is completely removed? There is coming a day when people are going to be treated just like they have treated their neighbors. The second greatest commandment of the Bible is do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But self-righteous people have twisted that to mean do to others what they have done to you. When God pulls the folks out of this world who have responded to evil with good, think what it will be like. Everyone will begin to receive what they have dished out--and the evil violence will be unremitting.

Are you ready for that? Have you come to Christ?

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