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Topic: The Feast of Passover

Enemy or Friend?

by Darrel Cline

We are taking a look at the feasts of Israel because in them is laid a foundation for the correct identification of the Christ. We have considered the Feast of Passover. It was an initiatory feast. What I mean is that by taking part in the Passover, the children of Israel were delivered from slavery in Egypt. This participation in deliverance initiated the people into a new and unique relationship with God. All of the people who refused to believe that the blood of the slain Passover lamb would keep the angel of death out of their houses were rejected by God from participation in His deliverance of them.

This became a fundamental analogy for the truth of man in his relationship with God. The Bible says that men are either God's friends or His enemies. It also says that the vast majority are His enemies.

This remains true in spite of the polls that declare the religious bent of the majority of men. The fact is that most religions are hiding places for men to enable them to keep God at a comfortable distance. There is something awesome about coming into the presence of the God of a multitude of universes. That awesomeness creates fear in most peoples' hearts--a fear that moves them to try to stay at a safe distance and yet, still get in a safe place so as to escape His anger. Thus religion exists. It gives man leverage to claim he is doing what he should to satisfy the awesome God while maintaining a safe distance from Him. But God is not pleased with religion that provides a buffer zone to keep man at a distance.

Why is God angry?

Because the testimony of the slain lamb is that God can be satisfied with man if he will believe in the message of Passover. What is that message? That though sin requires death, God has provided the Lamb who died the death to pay the penalty. The Son of God died. God says His death was a complete and sufficient payment. This death of the Son tells us of God's enormous love for us. He is angered by men who reject that love just so that they can continue to pursue their own selfish ways. And because men have always used religion as a cloak to pursue their selfishness, God is angry yet. He hates religion.

But He loves those who are willing to wage war on their fear of Him long enough to discover His desire to be their friend. It is a scary thing to walk into the presence of God--but once one has, he discovers that God is only to be feared by those who refuse to face and overcome their fear. Cowards are an abomination to God, but believers are His delight.

Men are either God's friends or His enemies. His friends know Him as the Author of the Passover Lamb's message. His enemies use religion as a hiding place.

Which are you? Enemy or friend?

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