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Topic: James 1

James 1:20

by Darrel Cline

Study # 30
April 1, 1998
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis:Man is fundamentally incapable of exercising vengence in a righteous manner.

Introduction:In our last study we saw that James was fundamentally interested in creating a spirit of humility before the Word of God. We saw that he apparently believed that it was only as believers get solidly fixed upon the love of God for them that such a humility is developed. We also saw that there are three things that are required of believers in the light of the stresses of temptation: 1) that they be absolutely fixated upon the thesis that the Word is to be heard; 2) that they be willing to curb their natural tendency to speak in contradiction to that Word; and 3) that they be willing to reject their natural tendency to act to "set things right". This evening we want to see at least a part of James' foundation for such instruction.

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