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Topic: Jewish Feasts in History

Lying, Crazy Prophet

by Darrel Cline

There are three major world religions that trace their origins from Abraham, the friend of God: Islam; Judaism; and Christianity. Which of these three major religions is the Truth?

There are three ways to answer that question: logic, ethics, and history. Truth will shine forth like the sun when the imposters are set against this background.

So, let's begin by considering these three against the background of logic. Logic is fundamental to the process of thinking. Without it, knowledge is a myth, wisdom is an arrogant puff adder, life is a chaotic disintegration, joy is a dream, success in any real sense is a passing vanity, and writing articles on religious truth is a total waste of time. But, with it, life is possible, joy is real, knowledge is a progression in understanding, wisdom is a faithful guide, and writing is a possible way to persuade folks to step off the Broad way onto the Narrow way. Logic is a faithful friend, so let's let him tell us about religions.

A primary rule of logic is that opposite claims cannot both be true. If someone tells us that a tire is flat, and another person tells us that the same tire is perfectly fine, we know at least one person is trying to deceive us. Logic says so. Now, when we use this principle to examine the claims of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, we find them making mutually exclusive claims. Therefore, at least two of the three are deceptions.

For instance, Islam has a doctrine of Jesus Christ in which He is identified as a valid prophet of Allah, right up there with Muhammed, the seventh century founder of Islam. This immediately makes Islam suspect according to the rules of logic. How so? The answer is to be found in the Gospel of Mark, chapter three. In that place, Mark puts before us the options regarding our decision about who Jesus is. He frankly declares that three different groups came to three different conclusions about Him, and shows us who was correct. First, there are the disciples of Jesus. They obviously believed Him to be the long awaited Messiah. Then, there were the enemies of Jesus. They, just as obviously, believed that He was sent from Hell to confuse the ignorant and unlearned. Their claim was that He was possessed of the devil. And, then there was the personal family of Jesus--His mother and brothers. They didn't like either of the former options. They had lived with Him all their lives, and they knew he was not evil--possessed by the devil. You can't live around perfect love for thirty years and not know that it doesn't come from the netherworld. But, on the other hand, they also had lived with perfect righteousness all of their years and it had rubbed them a bit raw on occasion when it made them sense their own guilt. So, they were offended by Him in His claim to be the Messiah. Thus, they decided He was crazy (perfect in love and righteousness, but nuts)! These are the only three options available: Jesus was either the Christ, a devil-possessed religious deceiver, or a crazy man. One thing He wasn't: simply a prophet. Logic refuses this possibility because a prophet doesn't lie and isn't crazy.

Thus, Islam falls flat on its face in the face of logic.

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