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Topic: Luke's Perspective of Jesus: Ch. 1 Study Notes

Luke 1:14

by Darrel Cline

This continuation of the angel's explanation to Zacharias focuses upon the impact of "John's" arrival. The father will have joy and gladness and many others will rejoice.

Luke's Focus:

Luke's Theology:

Luke's Point:

When the desire (whatever its driving core) is fulfilled, abundance of joy will be the result.

Salient Facts:

"Joy" apparently was not the characteristic of Zacharias' demeanor -- the promise of joy is typically only significant to folks who lack it to some significant degree. The combining of "joy" with "gladness" and "rejoicing" indicates that there is a thesis here of what "life" ought to be like -- joyful. The chief question is this: how is "joy" held out to people who live in a grief-filled world? The bottom line on that question is "perception" -- what is it that makes people "grieve" and why is that so?

Major Question:

What is/are the link(s) between fear, joy, and "John"?

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