Chapter # 1 Paragraph # 1 Study # 2
Lincolnton, NC
February 8, 2004

Textual Notes: ASV Translation: 2 unto Timothy, my true child in faith: Grace, mercy, peace, from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. Notes: The textual differences... If the "our" of the Textus Receptus (Textus Receptus; Greek text behind the KJV translation) is legitimate, there is somewhat of a parallelism in the text so that "God" is "our Father" and Christ Jesus is "our Lord". This parallelism, as given by the Textus Receptus, is not complete by reason of the omission of the definite article "the" before the word "Father". A true parallelism would read the way the translators render the text ("God the Father" and "Christ Jesus the Lord") but it does not actually exist in the Greek; it is simply a creation by the translators because "God Father" is an uneasy translation. If a true parallelism existed, it would establish a balanced focus upon the relationship that exists between "us" and God and Christ Jesus. However, since the "our" that follows the word "lord" in the Greek text (precedes "lord" in the translations) can grammatically be taken to refer to both "Father" and "the Lord", the only thing the omission by the Nestle/Aland 26 text does is replace the "unbalanced parallelism" with a "comprehensive inclusion". There is no significant change of meaning; there is only a small change in the nuance of meaning: God's "fatherhood" is emphatic by reason of the omission of the definite article ("the") and the "lordship" of Christ is made exclusive by the inclusion of the definite article. In the sense of the text, God is "our Father" and Christ Jesus is "our one and only Lord". The Progression of Paul's thoughts... Observations regarding Paul's expressions... What is Paul talking about? The "subject" in this part of Paul's words is: Timothy's need... What is he saying about what he is talking about? The "predicate" in this part of Paul's words is: to be assured of his relationships to God/Christ and to experience the on-going flow of benefits those relationships were designed to generate. Corrected Translation: to Timothy, a true child by faith: [May] grace, mercy, peace [be yours] from God [as] our Father and Christ Jesus [as] the Lord of us. Possible implications...