Chapter # 12 Paragraph # 1 Study # 1
January 5, 2009
Lincolnton, N.C.

<556> Thesis: The theology of "total sacrifice" is complicated by three areas of "lack": a lack of love; a lack of faith; and a lack of knowledge. Introduction: This evening we are going to launch out into Romans 12. This is a chapter that expresses what Paul has wanted to express from the very beginning of his letter. In that beginning Paul initially declared that he was an "apostle". This established him as an authoritative instrument for the declaration of Truth so that none could Live apart from his doctrine. Truth is absolute and totally exclusive of any error and any smell of death. And, once declaring his apostleship, Paul said that his appointment was for the purpose of producing the "obedience of faith". That such obedience cannot occur apart from the content of Romans 12 is fundamental and the presence of Romans 1-11 only means that the ground-laying for its content is necessary. Thus, Paul has been working diligently toward the content of this chapter from the beginning. That there is such a thing as a necessary "foundation" is important. How people perceive God and His Gospel is the outcome of whether the necessary foundation has been properly laid. It is altogether a mistake for the proclamation of the Gospel to simply "jump" to the "application" and ignore the absolute need for the foundations. For this cause we are going to work our way into Romans 12:1-2 (as the first paragraph of the chapter) by considering some of the issues that are under the surface.