Chapter # 11 Paragraph # 7 Study # 2
December 8, 2009
Lincolnton, N.C.

<552> Thesis: Because of the Grace of God, His reactions to men in their sin cannot be determined by men. Introduction: Last week we looked into the fact that Paul decided to conclude his extended argument that God is to be "believed" by expressing his exuberance in regard to the vast, subterranean ocean of both data and the skill to use it that is God. This is the outcome of "faith": exuberance in regard to God's omniscience and His infinite skill in the use of it. Those who share the "faith" can share in the exuberance. However, the next part of Paul's sentence -- the part that deals with the "unsearchable judgments" and the "ways" that are "past finding out" -- throws somewhat of a "kink" in the issue of sharing in the exuberance. If, as the apostle seems to say, God's "judgments" and "ways" are out of our league, how are we to share in any exuberance, given the fact that we do not have a clue as to what He is doing, or will do? This is a question that we will attempt to address in our study this evening.