Chapter # 8 Paragraph # 5 Study # 4
May 27, 2008
Lincolnton, N.C.

<406> Thesis: God the Father is not seeking a way to destroy us. Introduction: Ever since Satan manipulated Eve in the garden, one major perception has dominated the human race: at root, God is antagonistic toward the persons He created. Without this underlying perception, Satan knows he does not have a chance to subvert God's Plan. If persons (angelic and human) believed in the absolute goodness of God, there would not be such a thing as "Sin". Because this lying thesis is absolutely crucial to the adversary's attempts to subvert the Plan of God, it is to be found everywhere all of the time. And because it is found everywhere all of the time, the vast majority of people simply accept it as true. This makes it necessary for any representative of the truth about God to have to "bend over backward" to present the antithesis to the lie. In Romans 8:31 Paul called for a response to the true antithesis: What shall we say to the revealed fact that God is "for us"? Then, in 8:32, he argued that, as far as men know, there is no greater love than the willingness to sacrifice any, and every, lesser love for the sake of the greatest love. A "beloved" knows of the reality of the "love" when the one doing the "loving" demonstrates that love by sacrificing...and the realization of the potency of the "love" dawns, not when the "sacrifice" is minimal, but maximal. So, Paul argued that God's sacrifice of His own Son is the indisputable proof against the lie. He said that to attempt to get us to shed the "God is antagonistic to me" mindset. Then, he set about to further his argument: Who, he asked, can effectively attempt to get God to destroy us? He said it this way: "Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God's elect?" [As an aside, it is interesting that the very claim that God has an "elect" has sponsored more vicious slander against God than, perhaps, any other doctrine in the Word of God.] Tonight we are going to consider a further argument by the apostle to lay the foundational lie to rest. It is captured and presented by the words of Romans 8:34.