Chapter # 8 Paragraph # 2 Study # 9
September 25, 2007
Lincolnton, N.C.

<344> Thesis: There is a conflict between "spirits". Introduction: In our study last week we focused our attention upon the limitations that are inherent in our present reality in light of the pronounced tendency of believers to "camp in their comfort zones". In Paul's text, we are engaged in a warfare, not the pursuit of a comfortable life. This is a major issue. In a sense, it is the defining issue. On the one hand, the war involves finding and destroying the enemies. Those enemies are called the "deeds of the fleshly body" that deny the manifestation of the Truth about God. According to the text, we are to kill off those enemies by the resurrection power of the Spirit of our Father. On the other hand, if we are involved in the pursuit of a comfortable life, we are not in the battle. If we are not in the battle, we have already been defeated. If we have already been defeated, we are going to experience what Paul calls death. So, we are supposed to be warriors. But, in addition to the "comfort zone" mentality, there is another adversary: the appearances of life in Death and death in Life. This was the reason we focused upon the reality of the admitted limitations in this present world. Even the resurrection power of the Spirit is restricted somewhat because the Spirit is in a "firstfruits" mode, not the "harvest" mode. And, likewise, even death is restrained to a great degree until the cumulative effect finally arrives. Now, this evening we are going to look further into God's provision for the fight. This is not a provision for a comfortable life. A comfortable life is an idolatrous substitution for Life indeed and, as an idolatry, God makes no provision for it. But God has made a provision for us for the fight if we are going to engage in it. This provision is called "the Spirit of Adoption". But, before we can grasp this provision, we need to understand its setting.