Chapter # 8 Paragraph # 2 Study # 8
September 18, 2007
Lincolnton, N.C.

<342> Thesis: The sons of God call God "Abba" in their times of crisis and conflict. Introduction: In our study last week we looked into the "problem" of getting off the straight and narrow. We saw that Paul's concept of being "led" by the Spirit of God is one with a very fundamental focus: putting to death the deeds of a body committed to the appetites of the flesh. We also saw that this action -- putting deeds to death -- requires a balance between the twin aspects of Life by the grace of God. Life by grace has a divine aspect to it wherein He makes an exceedingly abundant provision by His own action(s) and a human aspect to it wherein we trust in that provision. Once on this path, no one gets off without first getting one of the two elements of the walk out of balance. It is true that both our flesh and our adversary have tactics of imbalance that have been honed to perfection over time in order to establish and maintain evil deeds unto a corruption of the divine image in the mirror of human flesh, but it is also true that God's Spirit has greater wisdom and more power than the flesh and the devil combined so that we can effectively follow the "leading" and put to death those evil deeds. This evening we are going to press on into Paul's explanation of how this all works. We are going to see that it is our "T"heology of God as "Father" that governs the entire landscape of this issue.