Chapter # 7 Paragraph # 2 Study # 4
February 27, 2007
Lincolnton, N.C.

<292> Thesis: Death is by deception. Introduction: In our studies to this point, we have seen that Paul is working between two different perceptions of "Law". There is the "truth" about the significance and impact of the Law, and there is the "deception" that Sin brings to the table about the significance and impact of that Law. These two perceptions are set in our context as a way to deal with Paul's absolute insistence that we stay as "free from Law" as we possibly can and the almost automatic conclusion from that insistence that there must be something wrong with the Law. In our last study we saw Paul's testimony regarding his own experience as a relatively new believer was that of being slain by a resurrected Sin because of the "return" of the Law. In that study we saw that the "problem" was the destruction of the profound sense of satisfaction Paul had with His God because he returned to his understanding that the Law was a statement of a profound sense of dissatisfaction that God had with him. In a relationship, it is impossible for either party to have a solid sense of satisfaction with his/her partner if there is a sense that that partner is deeply dissatisfied with his/her partner. This evening we are going to consider more carefully the issue involved in Sin's "deception" of Paul by means of the "Law".