Chapter # 6 Paragraph # 4 Study # 6
December 5, 2006
Lincolnton, N.C.

<272> Thesis: Escaping shame requires shameless fruit. Introduction: In our study last week we looked into the problem of the "diseased flesh" of the Roman believers...a concept Paul declared in Romans 6:19. We also attempted to see his "solution". It was my thesis last week that the "solution" is to fix our goal upon "becoming holy" issue established at the end of the verse. But, it would be a grave mistake to think that simply deciding that "I want to be holy" will "fix" everything -- for two reasons: first, any decision to seek holiness needs to be made with the understanding that "holiness" is not the final objective -- there is a reason beyond holiness for seeking holiness; and, second, any decision to seek holiness also needs to be made with the understanding that the decision is only the beginning, not the end. It is to this fact -- that the decision is not the end, but only the beginning -- that we turn this evening. Paul had more to say than simply "present your members as servants to righteousness unto holiness." The next thing he says (6:20-21) is a reminder of their former condition and its result(s). We want to understand why he would throw this reminder into the argument at this point.