Chapter # 6 Paragraph # 4 Study # 2
October 31, 2006
Lincolnton, N.C.

<264> Thesis: Creation-order will produce according to the nature of the seed that is sown. Introduction: After our study last week, someone asked if Romans 6 was not set up after the order of the carrot and the stick. That is a good observation. The carrot is our union with Jesus to the enormous degree that we are credited with His actions. The stick is our union with this creation to the same enormous degree that what sinful seeds we plant will produce their death-harvest. It is a decidedly negative fact that the perversity of depravity is behind all of Romans 6. If we were not so committed to getting our way, Paul would have never felt compelled to twice ask "shall we continue in sin" and then spend an entire chapter of what he calls "the Gospel of God" in an attempt to state the obvious. It is absolute lunacy for any creature to think that sinning against his/its maker is "OK", yet Paul's words imply that people go there like a tick goes to a dog. So, last week we saw that Paul makes a sharp and necessary distinction between "Law" and what I have called "Creation-order". We have been forever released from the dominion of the Law by faith in Jesus Christ, but we have not been released to any degree from the dominion of Creation-order. I will never stand under the judgment of the Law of God because Jesus stood there in my place. But, I will forever stand under the dominion of Creation-order and will reap exactly as I have sown. The issue of the Law is the issue of eternal destiny in the New Jerusalem or the Second Death. The issue of Creation-order is the degree to which I experience the Life of God. Too many weeds in anyone's garden saps the strength from the garden plant so that the degree of production is compromised. It is no small thing to lose out on "Life". Thus, this evening we are going to look into the principles of God's creation order once again so that those principles can lodge in our minds and, hopefully, in our hearts.