Chapter # 3 Paragraph # 3 Study # 2
June 7, 2005
Lincolnton, N.C.

<132> Thesis: Man's penchant for seeking the reason for God's favor in himself must be absolutely rejected before any real progress can be made in the life of Grace. Introduction: Mankind has a problem. God has a solution. How to get man's problem and God's solution together is the question. Man cannot get it together. God does get it together. But, even God does not "get it together" easily, nor does God easily get man to "see" His solution. There are two points here that I want to make: 1) if we ever begin to think that Calvary was "easy" on God, we will distort the "solution" (the Gospel) significantly; and 2) if we overlook the fact that "clarity" was not achieved by God in man's mind for 4,000 years, we will distort the "problem" significantly. Because of pride, man has an enormous vested interest in demeaning both Calvary and man's sinfulness. We do not wish to be immersed in the reality of our "problem" (because we fear drowning) and that reluctance keeps us from seeing the grace of God with clarity. Now, given the fact that man so mightily resists the truth about himself that even 1500 years of legal history did not "solve" the problem for the majority -- it did not get man to clarity on his "problem" -- we want, this evening, to spend 45 minutes trying to solve what was not solved in 1500 years (I type with my tongue in my cheek). The issue we are going to look at this evening is this: what is it in man that keeps him from God's life?