Chapter # 3 Paragraph # 1 Study # 1
April 12, 2005
Lincolnton, N.C.

<116> Thesis: In respect to "mechanisms", the greatest benefit that God has ever extended to man is His self-explanation. Introduction: This evening we are beginning a study of Romans 3. This is not as big a "thing" as we might suppose because 3:1 is nothing more or less than a continuation of 2:29. A good argument could be made for the claim that 3:1 ought to be 2:30. But, for those of us who look to milestones, "finishing" Romans 2 was such a milestone. It took 19 weeks of study to get through chapter 2 (58 to get through both chapters 1 and 2). As we said, however, 3:1 is just a continuation of Paul's dealings with those who called themselves "Jews". This evening we are going to look into something the "Jews" almost completely missed: God's purpose for His dealings with them. It is clear from 2:17-29 that the "Jews" thought that God's purpose for His dealings with them was to provide them with that kind of "life" that rests upon being able to feel superior to others by reason of one's accomplishments. It is also clear from that same body of text that the "Jews" were completely off target. So, this evening we are going to begin a look into what God's real purpose was as we look at Paul's response to the question that was going to automatically arise from what he said in 2:17-29.