Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 2 Study # 9
March 29, 2005
Lincolnton, N.C.

<112> Thesis: There is no hope for the one who turns "revelation" into "regulation". Introduction: In our study last week, we noted that Paul deliberately turned to "circumcision" in Romans 2:25-29. We saw the foundations of the issue of circumcision are rooted in Genesis 17, NOT in Genesis 15, NOR in Genesis 21. Circumcision was designed by God to be a "focus-generator" to enhance justifying faith. It was not given by God to be a "loyalty-oath" to enable man to initiate a relationship with God. At the root of this entire issue is the fundamental "sin" issue of what John calls "the arrogance of functional capacity". Arrogant men turn "focus-generators" into "loyalty-oaths". They do so in order that they may point to their professed loyalty in order to exalt themselves over others. This evening we are going to pursue Paul's argument regarding "circumcision" now that we have the divine intention for it in mind.