Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 2 Study # 7
March 15, 2005
Lincolnton, N.C.

<108> Thesis: Hypocrisy has a different impact in different "systems" of theology. Introduction: Last week we attempted to make the point that hypocrisy is a sufficient basis for condemnation in a system of "performance" theology. We argued that there are none who escape the failure of "failure" -- i.e., there are none who are not hypocrites. Then, we raised the question of why hypocrisy serves as a basis for condemnation for some and not for others. And we argued that the reason is that hypocrisy "condemns" is that "performance theologies" have no place in them for failure. Since the Gospel is a message of forgiveness, hypocrisy in its "system" is only a basis for disciplinary child-training for the expansion of a person's experience of the true Life of God. This evening we want to go one step further. We want to ask why Paul particularly zeroed in on hypocrisy.