Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 1 Study # 3
November 16, 2004
Lincolnton, N.C.

<078> Thesis: The plight of the ungodly will be most clearly revealed in the "Day of Wrath". Introduction: We have been looking into the second stage of Paul's case against humanity. He has argued that men are wilful, not ignorant. And he is arguing that men are foolish in their arrogance. Some actually think that their ability to criticize others signals their own escape from the judgment of God. We saw in our study last week that God has a process of attraction for men called, by the translators of the NASB, "the kindness of God". Rather than being a statement about their impunity (many think that just because the hammer doesn't fall when it is deserved and because their life is "good" in many respects, this means that God is pleased with them), it is a statement about God's reluctance to execute justice in their case. Rather than being a basis for impenitence, it is designed by God to be a basis for repentance. This is just another example out of many of how twisted man's perspective has become. This evening we are going to proceed into Paul's statement about the "reality" of what is happening in distinction from what men "think" is happening. Men "think" that God is satisfied with their imposition of their moral judgments upon others while at the same time rejecting the same morality for themselves. It's the classic form of the preacher who enters into loud tirades against sexual immorality while visiting the prostitutes down the street. So, what is the "reality"?