Chapter # 1 Paragraph # 4 Study # 14
October 5, 2004
Lincolnton, N.C.

<066> Thesis: Man's predispositions are rooted in envy and are manifest by a "win at all cost" set of methods. Introduction: Whenever we get into "grocery lists", it is rather easy to get lost in the flow of the words because there are so many that the definitions can get confused. To try to resolve that, we have taken a big-picture look at what Paul was writing about when he wrote of man's condition of "having been filled" with four major characteristics. We "put" the characteristic of "unrighteousness" in the place of strong opposition to Jesus as the Lion of Judah Who, as the Lion, is the Preserver of Righteousness so that the souls of men might have rest. We then "put" what our text calls "wickedness" in the place of strong opposition to Jesus as the Bull of Joseph Who, as the Bull, is the Essential Servant so that the spirits of men might have contentment through service. We then "put" what our text calls "greed" in the place of strong opposition to Jesus as the Man of God Who, as the Man, is the Committed Kinsman so that men as physical creatures might be satisfied with the promise of redemption and might take on the focus upon man in the place of a focus upon "stuff". Then, we took what our text calls "evil" and "put" it in the place of strong oppostion to Jesus as the Eagle of Heaven Who, as the Eagle, is the Destroyer of Death so that The Issue before man might be clear: Life. This organization brings us to this construct: Life is what is at stake and it can be aggressively attacked by the performance of unrighteousnesses, the rejection of the servant mentality, and the replacement of man in the priority scheme with "stuff". Now, we come to another portion of what I have called "the grocery list". The second portion is contained in the second half of Romans 1:29 if we drop off the last three words ("they are gossips"). The reason we are dropping off the last phrase is that there is a shift in Paul's description of man's condition at this last phrase. The list that follows "full of" is a group of five nouns in what is called "the genitive case". Beginning with "gossips", Paul switches over to a list of words that are in what is called "the accusative case" that goes down to "boastful". At that point Paul switches again to a couple of phrases that stand out...and so goes his linguistic structure. At any rate, we have another "set" of descriptors that further reveal the condition of man under the judgment of God in which He turned them over to non-think minds, degrading passions, and the cess pool of uncleanness. So, let us consider this next set of characterizations.