Chapter # 1 Paragraph # 4 Study # 11
September 14, 2004
Lincolnton, N.C.

<059> Thesis: Man, in his condition of having been delivered over to a non-thinking mind, is now in a condition of being full of "unrighteousness" and that means that the believer, having been given a condition of "absolute righteousness" needs to be committed to emptying himself of the fulness of "unrighteousness". Introduction: In our studies to this point, we have seen that God reacted to Man's determination to reject Him as the Root of Life by "giving him up" in three ways. He gave him up to "uncleanness" (a general state of "infectious disease unto corruption"). He gave him up to "obsessions that dishonor" (a specific condition of being driven by obsessions). And, He gave him up to "a non-think mind" (a mind that cannot be "approved" because it cannot do what it was designed to do -- think correctly). By these means, man has been put in a hopeless condition that cannot be corrected apart from the gracious intervention of God. The result is that man now does what our text calls "improper things". The idea there is that man can no longer do the kinds of things that will result in the Life that he seeks. This evening we are going to begin a study of the condition of man in this given-up condition so that, as people who have been reclaimed by the grace of God from that condition, we may move in the direction of "doing proper things".