Chapter # 1  Paragraph # 3  Study # 1
May 11, 2004
Lincolnton, N.C.

<032> Thesis: Life by the Spirit is not an escapist life that rejects "obligation". Introduction: We have finished with our consideration of Paul's prayerful interest in the Romans as those who have become God's instruments of grace to Paul...they had been used of God to do what God had told Paul to do.  He recognized this and was grateful for it. This evening we are going to look into another aspect of Paul's desire to go to Rome:  his sense of deep obligation to do what he had been commissioned to do.  In this next paragraph of Paul's letter he wrote of his sense of obligation to those he generally referred to as "Gentiles".  And he said that he was interested in proclaiming the Gospel in Rome because of this sense of obligation.  But, because of the difficulties of man's relationship to "obligation", we want to see if we can clarify what Paul meant by what he said.