Chapter # 1  Paragraph # 2  Study # 6
May 4, 2004
Lincolnton, N.C.

<030> Thesis: Growth in true life is only accomplished when a person is convinced of the good intentions of God. Introduction: In our study last week we looked into the fact that life by the Spirit is not a life "by the rules" for the simple reason that man and the "rules" cannot co-exist in harmony.  Man's fundamental condition in corruption makes the essential holiness of the rules an unbearable burden.  It is only when man in his condition is willing to take on an Ally Who is willing to accept that condition without condemnation that man can make strides against his condition.  Thus, "life" is by the Spirit.  Rather than "rules", we have "on-going conversation with God" to guide our thinking, choosing, and doing and we have "on-going interaction with Spiritual people" to enhance the impact of our "on-going conversation with God".  In our study this evening we are going to be looking into another aspect of this "life by the Spirit".  When we look at Paul's statement in 1:8-13 we are immediately impressed with the fact that Paul considered it essential that the Romans take a positive attitude toward him in order for his words to them to have their intended impact.  It is this issue, "taking a positive attitude toward the Author/author of the words of instruction", that is at the heart of what he wrote in this paragraph.  And it is clear from Paul's words that he hoped that the focus upon the reality of his desire to be present among them would allow this attitude to develop.  So, this evening we are going to be looking into the issues involved in the development of the proper attitude toward the God of the words.