Chapter # 1 Paragraph # 2 Study # 4
(Part II of a focus upon Prayer)
April 20, 2004
Lincolnton, N.C.

<026> Thesis: The part that prayer plays in participating in the "will of God" is complex, but real. Introduction: Last week we looked into the fact that "prayer" is supposed to be an expression to God of those things that are significantly important to us as opposed to an exercise of spiritual discipline that makes prayer simply something we are to "do". Tonight we are going to move a bit further into verse 10 and address the issue that Paul raises with his concept of "requests according to the will of God". He says in our text that he wants to be able to go to Rome by the "will of God". There are a host of issues tied into this notion that prayer is to have some impact on the will of God and, tonight, I want to press that envelope just a bit.