Chapter # 1 Paragraph # 1 Study # 5
February 17, 2004
Lincolnton, N.C.

<008> Thesis: The Gospel of God concerns the Son of God as the Resurrected Lord. Introduction: Last week we looked into what I called "Paul's succinct summary of the content of the Gospel of God". We saw that he focused upon "God's Son Who entered into human history by means of God's use of David's gene pool." We saw that there are two issues in this summary. The first is the essential identity of God's "Son". The second is the extreme focus upon His connection with David. Though the use of the word "extreme" may be, itself, extreme, the fact stands that when Paul decided to make a brief summary statement of his message, he brought out two issues: God's Gospel is about His Son and God's focus is upon His Son's connection to David in terms of "fleshliness". This is enormously important to our understanding of redemption because the Redeemer had to be human. This evening we are going to pick up on Paul's own summary of the content of the Gospel as we move into verse 4. There is a structure to the language of verses 3-4 that we need to understand. It has been posted in the February 17 set of Study Notes on Romans<008>. From this structure we can see that Paul had a deliberate double focus in his presentation of the Gospel. It had to do with the Son of God as the Seed of David and the Son of God as the Executor of Power. This means that there are two fundamental issues in the Gospel: the one that has to do with the Son's entrance into history via David's gene pool; and the other one that has to do with the Son's emergence into Sonship via resurrection.