Chapter # 9 Paragraph # 1 Study # 5
November 12, 2017
Humble, Texas
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<009> Thesis:   The issue of "The Glory" is the actual reconstitution of our essence so that we are of the same characteristics of God as to our moral character and this issue is primarily one of "Hope". Introduction:   In our last study we began to look into Paul's reasons for his great love of those he called his "brethren". We focused our attention upon the fact that those he loved with such intensity were apostate as to God's relational plan. And we made our primary application of his words to our setting a matter of whether, or not, God's major alteration of His focus in the world signaled the creation of a "spiritual Israel" that is now called The Church. My claim is that Paul was deliberate in his identification of "Israel" as the physical nation of Israel, descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, NOT Ishmael, nor Esau. In other words, no one can claim to be an "Israelite" in any sense beyond that determinative sense. Therefore, to call The Church "Spiritual Israel" is a huge theological error that opens the door to manifold contradictions to God's meaning in His Word. In no text and context do the Scriptures identify The Church as Israel. From there we moved into the issue of The Adoption. As a concept, The Adoption consists of an event wherein The Father declares His heir(s) to be sufficiently mature as to be able to begin to exercise "lordship" over the Inheritance. As to timing, The Adoption occurs when the physical body is redeemed. We can assume from this that we have not been given the prerogatives of "lords" over the Inheritance yet. And as to significance in this context, The Adoption is a most fundamental reason for Paul's intense love for his apostate brethren, kinsmen according to flesh, and Israelites by physical generation from Abraham, Isaac, and Israel (Jacob). The Adoption was to be Israel's experience, but apostasy prevented it and Paul saw this loss as almost intolerable because of his love for Israel. This evening we are going to take another look at the next issue in Paul's love for Israel: The Glory. As with The Adoption, The Glory was promised to Israel, but the apostasy of the nation in Paul's day was blocking it from being a part of the Hope. And, again, for Paul, this was almost intolerable.