Chapter # 8 Paragraph # 4 Study # 6
June 11, 2017
Humble, Texas
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<097> Thesis:   The third reason for confidence that Romans 8:28 is true is the calling of God. Introduction:   We have already seen from our studies in this paragraph that Romans 8:28 is a declaration of good for "the called according to purpose". We have also already seen that Romans 8:29-30 is Paul's attempt to get his readers to genuinely "believe" in God's present and active work to bring good to His called ones through every aspect of their experiences; those considered pleasant and those considered unpleasant. Additionally, we have seen that the list of five prior actions of God has "calling" in the third spot (the middle) in the list. Unmentioned so far in this study is this fact: all five of the things God has done to make it possible for us to believe in the eventual good to come out of every circumstance is cast into the past by the use of the aorist tense of the verbs. These things are seen as "already done". It is not just foreknowledge and predestination that are seen as prior to the present, but the act of calling, the declaration of justification, and the outcome called glorification are likewise presented as accomplished facts. This evening we are going to look into the issues surrounding the fact that God has called those whom He predestined to be conformed to the glorious image of His Christ.