Chapter # 8 Paragraph # 4 Study # 5
May 28, 2017
Humble, Texas
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<095> Thesis:   God predestined the "foreknown" to be conformed to the image of the resurrected Christ so that He might be the most highly exalted of all of the many brethren. Introduction:   In Paul's pursuit of "faith" in his readers regarding their confidence that God actually works all things together for their good, he introduced a concept of "foreknowledge" that is rooted in God's experience-based knowledge of all believers before they ever existed according to the theology of Romans 4:17 (He calls things that are not as though they are). Now, this evening, we are going to look into the second concept that is designed to get us to actually believe that God is at work to turn every experience we have into a "good" in respect to us: a very specific "predestination".