Chapter # 8 Paragraph # 4 Study # 2
May 7, 2017
Humble, Texas
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<089> Thesis:   Love for The God is an absolute essential for any confidence we might have that our circumstances are a part of His "love-for-us" dominion over them. Introduction:   In Romans 8 Paul has been focused upon God's Spirit as His provision for our experience of His "Life". And, within that focus, is another: God's Spirit's ministry toward us has one major goal. That goal is to enhance our future experience of the Glory of God by empowering us to "Hope". Because "Hope" is a direct outcome of our "Faith", it should not be incredible to us that this chapter strives to get us to "believe" certain absolute facts. In our study last week we saw that one of those "absolute facts" is that The Spirit prays for us in perfect harmony with the character and will of The God so that we can be sure that The Father both hears the Spirit's unvocalized groanings on our behalf and answers them. This evening we are going to look into another of those "absolute facts"; the "fact" that since The Father is answering the intercessions of His Own Spirit, we can be sure that the situations and circumstances of our daily lives are being used by Him to bring us to the "enhanced glory" that has been His goal all along. Romans 8:28 has been quoted for centuries, even by those who have no active hope that it is true. This evening we are going to begin a look into what it actually says.