Chapter # 8 Paragraph # 4 Study # 1
April 30, 2017
Humble, Texas
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<087> Thesis:   The Holy Spirit's unspoken communication with The Father dominates our experiences. Introduction:   We have been considering Paul's focus upon how we are to respond to our unpleasant experiences. His one-word focus is upon "Hope". He told us that we are to look at our circumstances through the view finder of our eventual participation in a level of "Glory" that is so far beyond anything we can dream up that we are to simply accept this as our eternal inheritance. This boils down to one major issue: our attitude is crucial to our future participation in that glorious inheritance. However, there is a significant problem as "the elephant in the room". Our attitude will not actually do much of anything about the causes of the distress in which we find ourselves. It will help, in the sense that a hopeful attitude will diminish the damage that can be done to us, to others through us, and to the actual level of participation we will have in our eternal future. But, our attitude will not actually do anything to mitigate the level and intensity of our sufferings. In fact, it may make things worse. Therefore, Paul pulls the curtain back on another major issue regarding our sufferings and the attitude we take toward them. This issue is the actual ministry of the Holy Spirit to us and its impact upon us. This is where we are going this evening.