Chapter # 8 Paragraph # 1 Study # 3
January 8, 2017
Humble, Texas
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<061> Thesis:   The "bottom line" of our freedom consists of "God in Action". Introduction:   In our study last week we looked at the new "reality" that exists for those who believe: The Spirit of the Living God has become the operative person. Almost everywhere we turn these days in search of a real and practical method of incipient sanctification, we hear people telling us to "do" this or that. This, whether intentionally or not, invariably turns our attention to ourselves and our responsibilities. And, by this turning, we are put back into bondage. In our study this evening we are going to see that it is completely wrong-headed to turn our attention to ourselves because the truth turns our attention to the "God is in Action" thesis. We are free from condemnation because God, the Spirit, as the Active Actor, has placed us into Christ. We are also free from The Law of The Sin and The Death because this Active Actor is a real and effective Worker. The main reasons we do not readily recognize this are three: first, we cling to our legalism; second, we see only what is visible to our eyes in terms of "who takes this action?"; and third, the Spirit is notably a very much "behind the scenes" Active Actor Who compels us to deliberately opt into the "faith in the promises of God" methodology and out of the "faith in what I see and in who I am" methodology.