Chapter # 7 Paragraph # 2 Study # 3
October 30, 2016
Humble, Texas
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<045> Thesis:   Paul's personal experience of the deception of The Sin resulted in death but left The Law "Holy". Introduction:   In our study of this paragraph, we have seen that it is crucial that believers clearly understand what Paul calls "the holiness of The Law". He began by asking if "The Law" was sinful because of its usefulness to "The Sin" as a tool to generate all manner of sins. The issue is complicated by Paul's use of "The Law" in two ways. On one hand he uses the terms, "The Law", to refer to what he calls "the oldness of letter"; i.e., a written expression of commandments that is different from the presence/absence of what he calls "newness of spirit". In this use, "the Law" is simply a written record of expressions of what the character of God means in the details of "Love". Then, on the other hand, he uses "The Law" to refer to a "tool of The Sin" because of "deception". Technically, this use of "The Law" is no longer really God's Law though Paul continued to use the title "The Law". God's Law, in its essence, includes God's purpose for "Law" and any other purpose is, therefore, a corruption of The Law into something it never was. This evening we are going to look a bit more carefully into how this all worked out in Paul's own experience.