Chapter # 7 Paragraph # 1 Study # 2
October 9, 2016
Humble, Texas
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<039> Thesis:   The difference between what was and what now is consists of the presence of a new Spirit. Introduction:   In our last study we saw that "Law" has a restricted capacity to characterize someone with a title that results in condemnation. The restriction is the specific circumstance wherein the Law has a specific function. If that circumstance is eliminated, so also is Law's function eliminated. We also saw that Paul chose the specific circumstance of married people being adulterously joined to another because the marriage reality is an excellent analogy to what goes on within us as two elements of our being compete with one another over who will control the members of the body in their actions, a situation that is further complicated by the fact that the body itself has strong influence also over the actions its members take. This evening we are going to look into Paul's application of his principle that "law" is limited to its specific applications.