Chapter # 6 Paragraph # 3 Study # 3
September 11, 2016
Humble, Texas
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<031> Thesis:   Because of the incremental nature of God's "redemption", "believers" must camp on the truth that brings about servitude to The Righteousness so that they may move forward in sanctification. Introduction:   In our last study we noted that Paul deliberately returned to the foundations of his doctrine of grace: God acting for those who trust Him to accomplish His will in and through them. At the root of this doctrine is the reality that men receive grace when they hear/yield/present at the heart level with true doctrine in clear view. There is no application of "grace" by God to anyone who resists "truth". James clearly says that humility before God precedes the extension of grace and that refusal keeps God from such action. The study before us points to the basic mechanics of this "grace" process.