Chapter # 6 Paragraph # 1 Study # 9
July 10, 2016
Humble, Texas
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<017> Thesis:   The reality that determines our "success" in living for God is our "justification". Introduction:   In our last study we considered Paul's declaration that the "old man", which is the former "spirit" that is responsible for behavior by the body, was effectively separated from its dominion over that body by the crucifixion of Christ. He, by crucifixion, was separated from His body so that that body was no longer His to direct. The straight-line logic, then, is that since "our old man" was similarly crucified, "he" is no longer in dominion over our bodies. The hang up here is precisely this: Christ's body was spatially separated from His Spirit so that, until resurrection, that body was actually, and totally, incapacitated, but our bodies are not separated from that former spirit within in the same manner. If they were, the vast majority of the New Testament would not need to exist: sin would simply be impossible for us to commit just as it is ultimately our destiny to be thusly free. Therefore, we have a serious need to both understand and embrace the current methodology of Life. It is "by faith". This means it is not by actual physical realities, especially the reality of the separation of the body from its empowering spirit. Rather it is "by faith" as we embrace a set of genuine realities, the first of which is the actual indwelling of the Holy Spirit in our bodies as a new source of power to direct our bodies' behaviors. Since the interim methodology is "faith", there are, at a minimum, two most fundamental issues involved: one, actual Truth understood; and, two, deliberate "believing" at the point of contention. This means that there will always be a focus upon "knowing this" and there will always be a deliberate decision to trust in what is "known". Thus, there is Romans 6:6 and its "knowing" and Romans 6:9 and its "knowing" and Romans 6:11 and its "reckoning".