Chapter # 6 Paragraph # 1 Study # 8
July 3, 2016
Humble, Texas
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<015> Thesis:   Being free from slavery to The Sin requires a specific reality and a working knowledge of its details. Introduction:   In Romans 6:4 Paul declared that the purpose of our baptism into Christ Jesus was to empower us to walk in "newness of Life". This result was to be rooted in our understanding of our "burial together with Him". This "burial" is the pivot point of confidence in the prior issue of our "baptism into His death" and the following issue of our "resurrection together with Him". Our identification with His death means that we view God no longer as a Judge, and our identification with His resurrection means that we actively experience a newness of Life. But all of this "identification with" reality pivots on whether, or not, we grasp our "burial together with Him". "Burial" simply sweeps away all doubt that both "death" and "resurrection" are really true and really apply to us. This evening we are going to go over this same ground from the perspective of a different set of words. Romans 6:5-6 simply repeat the concepts of 6:3-4 by using a different set of words to draw the pictures we are supposed to see. Verses 3 and 5 both begin with a focus upon the death of Christ Jesus, and verses 4 and 6 both end with living a different kind of life. And all four of these verses come after Paul's declaration in verse 2 that we have died to The Sin and before verse 7 where those who are dead are free.