Chapter # 6 Paragraph # 1 Study # 7
June 12, 2016
Humble, Texas
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<013> Thesis:   Walking in newness of Life is rooted in both understanding and believing the reality of what it means to have the Spirit of Christ dwelling within us. Introduction:   In our last study we looked into the issue of "burial together with Christ Jesus". The point of that study was that we are so completely identified with The Death of Christ Jesus that there is absolutely no appointment with the Justice of God in our future. He died for our sins once for all and we are considered by God to have died with Him in precisely the same way. The "burial" issue is simply the evidence of the reality of The Death. It is designed to enhance our ability to believe in our association with Him in The Death and its corollary of having been subjected to the fulness and end of God's the uttermost, so as to eliminate it from any and all future considerations regarding how He is going to respond to us in our attitudes and actions. This evening we are going to move to the next particular in our "baptism into Christ Jesus": our baptism into His resurrection and its implications for our daily living.