Chapter # 6 Paragraph # 1 Study # 4
May 22, 2016
Humble, Texas
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<007> Thesis:   The difference between the effective mechanism of our "identity" issues in respect to Adam and Christ is the difference between operating out of "the flesh" and out of actual "understanding". Introduction:   So far in our studies we have seen that Paul's major concern is that "believers" not persist in committing sins and hoping that grace will ameliorate the consequences. This is seen in the way Romans 6 is put together. We have also seen that the root of his argument is that something real has occurred to those who "believe" so that they have genuinely "died" to both The Sin and The Disbelief that Adam foisted upon his "generation" (offspring; race). We saw in our last study that the "death" is a real "separation" from both The Sin and The Disbelief. Since The Sin was the actual eating of a real fruit that generated an automatic and irreversible process of gradual disintegration of the body and its most pertinent impact was "the fear of death" that keeps men in bondage until that fear is dissolved, our "death" to "The Sin" is the dissolution of the fear of the physical death of the body. And, since The Disbelief was the submission of the whole person to the idea that God does not mean what He says and its most pertinent impact is the permission of a dominating spirit of "The Disbelief" to pervasively invade man's heart and mind, our "death" to "The Disbelief" is the return to "Belief" in the promise of The God, as opposed to the adversary. This evening we are going to pursue this idea that our "death" to these realities is, itself, genuine. We are going to start with Paul's question: "Or are you ignorant that...?".