Chapter # 9 Paragraph # 5 Study # 10
April 18, 2010
Lincolnton, NC

<608> Thesis: The absolute uniqueness of Jesus is a truth that most people cannot handle. Introduction: I had intended, last week, to complete our study of Luke's record of the presentation of the Kingdom to Peter, John, and James. However, our study was unavoidably interrupted at the point where the details were coming together to actually make Luke's point. Therefore, I decided to return to that point today and expand it a bit. By way of review, we raised, and attempted to answer, three questions last week. First, why did Jesus command The Three to refrain from telling what they experienced in their exposure to the Kingdom of God? From other situations where Jesus made a similar demand, we saw a common thread: there are some truths for which people are not ready and the declaration of them may actually do more harm than good in that the rejection may settle into permanency. Second, why did Luke not tell Theophilus that Jesus was the reason for the silence of The Three in a way similar to Matthew's and Mark's records? The answer to this question is one of authorial intent and deliberate selectivity. Luke apparently wanted Theophilus to do some serious thinking on his own about the reality that not even The Three did very well with the information created by the revelation. Then, third, why did Luke tell Theophilus what he did tell him? This was where we stopped last week and it constitutes the most important truth of the entire passage. This morning we are going to pick up with the facts that Luke did give Theophilus.