Chapter # 9 Paragraph # 5 Study # 7
March 21, 2010
Lincolnton, NC

<602> Thesis: In order to actually serve God, men have to be brought to real values and honest language. Introduction: Our studies of Luke 9 have revolved around the fact that the chapter begins with Jesus sending The Twelve out to do what they have, to this point, only watched Him do. That Luke 10 begins with a very similar action on Jesus' part indicates that the last words of Luke 9 are to be taken very seriously: "No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God." That we have been seeing (in our current focus of study in the paragraph regarding some seeing that very Kingdom) that Luke has been presenting Jesus as the Exodus-Passover-Shekinah (Protector/Provider) indicates that the "looking back" of 9:62 may well have been linked to the behavior of the Israelites who perished in the wilderness because they kept whining about how good they had it in Egypt in contrast to their situation in the wilderness (Exodus 16:3; Numbers 11:5 and 20; 21:5 and Ps. 106:14). Given this probability, the text before us this morning is highly instructive. In it we have Luke's record of what I have chosen to call "Peter's Nonsense". Luke's record is a continuation of what I proposed last week: that Luke is showing us how profound is God's commitment to bring us to the Kingdom by showing us what He must, and does, address: men living in contradiction to the essence of His universe; the presence of the extremely deceptive in view of the necessity of "faith"; and men's subjugation to "sleep" when being awake is critical. There is another set of problems. These are the focus of Luke's record of Peter's ignorant words and the focus of our study this morning.