Chapter # 9 Paragraph # 5 Study # 6
March 14, 2010
Lincolnton, NC

<600> Thesis: Luke's record of the fact that the sleepy disciples were made deeply aware of Jesus' identity and task is a declaration of the potency of God's intention to bring fallen humanity into His Life. Introduction: In our last study of Luke 9:28-36 we saw that Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus to discuss the coming "Exodus" which Jesus was going to "fulfill" at Jerusalem. We saw from Revelation 11:8 that Jerusalem was considered by God to be the moral and spiritual equivalent of "Egypt" at this time in history, thus making a second "Exodus" necessary if true freedom was to be experienced. We saw from Galatians 4:25 that "the Jerusalem that now is is in bondage with her children" and that correlates with God's view of Jerusalem as Egypt. We saw that Jesus was both the "Passover Lamb" of this new Exodus and the Manifest Shekinah that provides both the protection and the guidance necessary for true freedom. Romans 8:21 declares that true freedom is a fundamental objective of the Kingdom of God and freedom is always threatened from without and within. This means that there have to be three elements to freedom: first, there has to be a real and legitimate deliverance from bondage (this requires the Passover Lamb); second, there has to be protection from outside forces that would destroy the deliverance (this requires a Protector); and third, there has to be protection from internal forces that would also destroy the deliverance (this requires a Guide). All of this is put forward by Luke's record of a visible transformation of Jesus from the Second Adam into the Manifest Shekinah in conversation with Moses and Elijah about His coming fulfillment of the "Exodus" type of meaning. This morning we are going to get a glimpse of just what the Kingdom of God is up against and how it goes about to provide the freedom of the children of God.