Chapter # 9 Paragraph # 5 Study # 3
February 14, 2010
Lincolnton, NC

<594> Thesis: The "fulfillment" of the prophecy that some would "see" the Kingdom of God was one of degree, not essence. Introduction: We have been considering Luke 9:28-36 as Luke's record of the fulfillment of the prophecy of Jesus in 9:27 that "some" would not taste of death until they "saw" the Kingdom of God. We have seen that Luke's record touches upon profound truths relating to that Kingdom. One of those profound truths is that not even the King of that Kingdom operates "independently". In our study last week of "mountain prayer", we saw that Jesus did not independently select those men whom He was going to transform into apostles; instead, He spent an entire night in conversation with His Father. At issue was, is, and shall, for a long time, be this reality: the "mountain" represents the Kingdom of God as His rule and the extension of His Love and Truth into all the created universe. As such, the fact that the Father and the Son were in extended conversation about which of the men on this earth would be the divine tools for that extension is a highly enlightening truth. At its most basic level, it means that God is, at essence, a God of relational inclusion. Therefore, as Jesus went about doing the will of this "essentially relational God", He approached the doing as the outcome of the on-going conversation He had with the Father. As we return to the text this morning, it is my goal to emphasize God's "infinity of relational inclusion" as a truth that means that God has offered us "opportunity" in His Kingdom plans.